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Stephen Calhoun one man exhibitMay 6:2016
Gallerists Deba Gray and Serena Harrigan, owners of Gray’s Auctioneers,  have installed and will present for the next five months an exhibit of fifteen pieces in their sun-filled main gallery. Ms. Gray discovered my artwork two years ago.

October 6:2016
Confucian Feminine Conduction #1 has been selected to be exhibited at the 10th Annual Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry Juried Exhibition. It will be held at the Columbus Metropolitan Main Library November 3, 2016 through January 7, 2017 at the main library downtown in Columbus, Ohio.

October 14 :2016
Photographs Kabuki Warrior (2014) and Welcome to the Mardi Gras (proof-2014) have been installed in the 22nd Annual Peoples’ Art Show at the Galleries at Cleveland State University. The exhibit opens October 28.

November 11:2016
Oh Good Party, is a private fine art concierge/advisory based in Toronto and Shanghai. They cater to collectors in Toronto and Asia. I am supplying OhGoodParty with artworks for the sake of mounting a portfolio in their private network of art lovers. I am honored to be only the second American artist invited to do so.

January 8:2017
I am providing a handful of open edition artworks for Saatchi‘s print-on-demand vehicle. I would prefer people to buy closed edition artworks at the affordable end of the pricing spectrum directly from me, but, for the fans of so-called wall art, my portfolio at Saatchi is also affordable.

February 18:2017

Adriana Teresa LeTourney, a founding partner of VISURA, a curated professional networking platform for arts and media and producers, invited me into their beta test. I’m one of a handful of fine art photographers onboard. I told her that the network would need to grow in the direction of galleries and advisors and brokers and collectors, before I could finish jumping in with both feet! Nevertheless, Visura is another case of someone finding me by seeing artwork of mine on the web. Visura is really well thought out.

March 1:2017
Art Valero, founder of emergART, invited me to submit a small portfolio of artworks to his nascent, curated, virtual gallery. Check out the introductory video to get an idea of what his cutting edge concept of a curated virtual gallery is all about.

April 9:2017
Three artworks were submitted to be evaluated by the juror of the 2017 Juried Waterloo Arts Festival. It takes place in June.

April 10:2017
Oh Good Party, a private fine art concierge/advisory based in Toronto and Shanghai, invited me to submit artworks for the consideration of their members at the end of last year. An interview was conducted in March, and it can be read on their web site.

May 1: 2017
Angelic Blues (2015) has been accepted into the 2017 Waterloo Arts Juried Exhibition that takes place from June 2 to July 21, 2017 in the Collingwood neighborhood of Cleveland. I submitted an 18×12 proof printed to acrylic because of the exhibit’s dimensional parameter. The one-of edition is 40×28″.

May 11: 2017
I’m honored today because Explosive Ideas and Namita’s Twenty-Twins were both accepted into The 8th Annual May Show at Lakeland Juried Art Exhibition at The Gallery at Lakeland. (The gallery is on the campus of Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio.) The exhibit runs from May 18-July 14. Dr. Louis A. Zona, Executive Director/Chief Curator at the museum of the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown is this year’s juror.

Liz Maugans – THE ARTISTS’ TRUST – MOCA Cleveland – Summer 2017

June 2: 2017
A photographic self-portrait guest conducted by Roger Talbott, has been included in Liz Maugan’s collective piece, The Artists’ Trust. This artwork is featured in MOCA Cleveland‘s regional group exhibit, Constant As the SunThe Artist’s Trust brings together around four hundred 8 1/2 x 11 self-portraits of local working artists. The open call for contributions apparently has ended up as one of the largest assemblies of portraits of a creative community installed in one place.

August 7: 2017 I have created a new catalogue of medium and large art works in pdf form for download and consideration. 

THE ELEVEN – catalogue – self-curated August 2017 – medium & large pieces

August 14: 2017 At the invitation of gallerist/curator Mary Urbas, I have submitted two art works to be exhibited at the annual Skull & Skeleton Show at The Gallery at Lakeland, Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, Ohio. The show runs September 21-October 26, 2017.

August 23: 2017
Wired Mandala, a photographic mixed process piece printed to 34″ laser cut aluminum circle, has been juried and accepted into the Ohio Arts Council’s annual OOVAR Exhibit. The exhibit–what I call the ‘state show’–runs from November 24 to January 6, 2018 at the main library, Columbus Public Library, in the Carnegie Building.

October 9: 2017
This semester at DePaul University, professor Lin Bathsheva Kahn asked her dance students to create dances inspired by their experience with my art work, Sonny Sharrock In Heaven

November 15: 2017
The Experiential Learning Community of Practice (IEL) has accepted my proposal for a presentation at next year’s annual conference. Creative Choices, Intuitive Realizations- An Interactive Exploration and Inquiry is the title and it will be presented June 23, 2018. I last presented in 2016. (I’m also an independent researcher in the field of experiential and transformative learning in adult development.)

January 1: 2018
Blue Baraka (2017)) was selected to appear in Academy Graphic Communications 2018 desk calendar.  It is showcased on the facing page to week eleven. 

MAndalas by Stephen Calhoun

March 2: 2018
Cleveland artist Kathy Skerritt hosted a pop-up exhibit of my artwork in her studio in the Waterloo Arts District Cleveland. This led to lots of rewarding interactions. Twenty artworks were installed in one of her studio’s room and in the hallway behind the prominent gallery, Article. I was delighted to showcase large artworks from 2015 and mandalas from 2017, giving people a chance to see pieces up close for the first time.