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Purchase and Commissions

In 2016-17, Stephen Calhoun’s primary catalog of 15 artworks is represented worldwide by Deba Jean Gray and Serena Harrigan. The catalog was exhibited at The Gallery at Gray’s (10717 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102 | 216.226.3300) in 2016. There are fifteen one-of pieces in the primary catalog. Primary catalogue pieces may be purchased directly online from the gallery, and may be sold and delivered to any location around the world.

Direct sales from the artist are available for select artwork.

Inquiries about availability and pricing of other art works may be directed by email to: sc.calhoun (at)

or use this form:

The artist retains copyright in all sales and transfers.

Pieces are printed at 1000-1800 dpi

(1) UV Curable Ink Jet technology, printed directly to 1/8″ DiBond aluminum panel, or, to second surface 1/16″ Optical Acrylic laminated to 1/8″ aluminum composite panel, (ACW Alumet,)

(2) UV Curable Ink jet printed in selected standard sizes (up to 24×24″) to Corning Gorilla(tm) glass.

(3) inkjet, mostly pigment, some dye, printed to archival paper

(4) [2017] dye-sublimation printed to cloth

Because the digital domain allows the artist to collaborate with a purchaser on the material basis of a large finished piece, the produced piece may be customized to meet dimensional, presentation, and environmental specifications.

Editions at the largest size are closed to single pieces.  Small editions, where available, are limited to 20 pieces. The artist reserves the right to retain a full size press proof. Every piece produced for sale is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Small, (less than 900 square inches,) photographic pieces that utilize personally meaningful objects may also be commissioned. Such editions are closed to two pieces irrespective of the size of the finished piece, with the artist retaining the second piece. Expect pricing to range from $6-$9 per square inch. Contact the artist to learn about commissioned artwork projects.

The symmetry work lends itself to multi-piece architectural installations, panels, designed interiors, oversized industrial installations, public art, and serial presentations.

[March 18, 2016]

sc.calhoun (at)

CURRENT MARK attached to rear of produced artworks:

PRIOR TO JANUARY 2017 and applicable to sales and the provision of proofs to associates f the artist,
On the reverse side is a placard with the artist’s mark and a second signature, or a stamp with a signature:



Stephen Calhoun