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How to buy directly from artist:

(1) THE SHOP | select large art works via emergART
(2) For medium and large pieces, a second shipping invoice may be generated
(2) Art work ships within two weeks | domestic shipping is included in price of most art works – with some exceptions (small pieces, affordable art)
(note: 3 days to return, 15% penalty)

downloadable pdf partial catalogue (August 2017)
THE ELEVEN – catalogue – self-curated August 2017 – medium & large pieces

Domestic Shipments via FEDEX, International shipments via FEDEX|Capital, or otherwise arranged with art service shipper
Artworks are packaged and shipped to insure safe delivery. Medium and large artworks over 600 square inches, (>24×24) in size may be crated. Crating and special handling fees are separately billed.. 

Once shipped, there are NO returns for international sale–unless prior-to-sale arrangements have been contracted. International customers may request after the purchase but before the shipment, a small, returnable, paper proof for the sake of their affirming the non-returnable acquisition is the correct choice. The order may be cancelled prior to shipment with a 10% penalty.

The artist retains copyright on all art works. | All works include the artist’s mark in verso and a Certificate of Authenticity – the COA guarantees the explicit edition
Unless a multiple piece edition is noted, artworks are produced once, in a one-of edition | The artist reserves the right to produce and retain a single full-size proof.

Ask about custom dimensions for square and round art works. Ask about posted art works that are not in the shop.

THE SHOP | MANDALAS | Art inventory low-to-high price

cleveland ohio artist stephen calhounRiver Dharma

Mandalas Shop
Small mandalas are produced to order. Starting in 2018, small mandalas will be produced in standard editions of five in each edition, when printed to 6×6″/16×16″ glass or 12×12″ aluminum. Mandalas printed to paper will number ten in each edition. The largest glass art work is 24×24″ and the edition size is a single art work. A COA is provided with every purchase. Most large mandalas, 30″ or more in diameter, are posted to the main website. Note, December 1, 2017: the old mandala web site has been converted to a section of the online shop.

Use the contact form to send an inquiry directly to the artist.

 Stephen Calhoun, artist photographer worldwide Cleveland Ohio USA Lachrymosa 18 Mandala
2016 | photographic mixed process | 30×30” | UVc inkjet | aluminum | sold
Mandalas that have placed in juried or curated exhibits  
 Wired Mandala - Stephen Calhoun Wired Mandala (2017 OOVAR State Art Exhibit, Columbus, Ohio)
 Namita's Twenty-Three Twins - Stephen Calhoun Namita’s Twenty-Three Twins (2017 May Show at The Gallery At Lakeland, Kirtland, Ohio)
 Explosive Ideas - Stephen Calhoun Explosive Idea (2017 May Show at The Gallery At Lakeland, Kirtland, Ohio)



  Art works placed with EmergART

Qawwali #2 - Stephen Calhoun QAWWALI #2 
$5,500 | 40×40″ cleated-ready to hang | buy via emergART
$200 | 12×12″  laser cut aluminum circle | edition of ten buy
photographic mixed process | 40x40h” | UVc inkjet | laser cut aluminum circle | 2017  


 Cleveland Ohio artist photographer global art "Stephen Calhoun" AFRICAN ALCHEMY TOTEM #3
$16,340.00 | 1/2″ stand-off box | buy via emergART
72×48″ | UVc inkjet | aluminum | 2015
$15,750 | cleated ready to hang | buy via emergART
68×46″ | UVc inkjet | aluminum | 2015
note: add-on stand-off box is recommended for installation – $500
 Stephen Calhoun artist DAVE’S THIRD GRASP 
$20,340.00 | stand-off box | buy via emergART
78×45″ | UVc inkjet |aluminum | 2015
note: add-on stand-off box is recommended for installation – $500

"notable Cleveland fine art photographer" "Stephen Calhoun" TWO ANGELS OVER MY SHOULDERS 
$7,150.00 | standoff box | buy via emergART
photographic mixed process | small 60×2” edition (5) | UVc inkjet | aluminum | 2016
 "notable Cleveland fine art photographer" "Stephen Calhoun" JOY FREE THREE 
$11,750.00 | standoff box | buy via emergART
photograph | 64x42h” | UVc inkjet | aluminum | 2016