This web site


This web site

This web site presents much of my art work–starting with early mirror symmetry experiments. The artist is the web developer and content creator.

Selected artworks may be purchased directly from the artist. How to buy || Available art works
Please consider investing in a living artist! Most mandalas formulated from original photographs are posted to the shop

Index of all art works posted here

Social outposts:

Facebook artist page
Instagram: artist Stephen Calhoun
Tumblr gallery: symmetry-hypothesis.tumblr

Sales Partners:
Selected artworks have been made available to Asian and Canadian collectors via the private collector’s network and advisory Oh Good Party (Toronto/Shanghai.) Artist, curator and art advisor Art Valero invited me to be part of the  initial roster of EmergART. Open edition artworks and select single edition works are available through Saatchi. At times, select art works are sold by artFido and artebooking.

Primary catalog works (2012-2015) were exhibited at The Gallery At Gray’s, Cleveland, Ohio, May 2016-June 2017. The gallerists there, Deba Jean Gray and Serena Harrigan, count as the visionary persons whose support starting in 2015 got the ball rolling. The fifteen pieces completed between 2013-2015 shown in their gallery are tagged to indicate their primary status in the growing catalog.

Self-curated catalogues are released in limited editions every now and then. 

I blog about the stuff I’m curious about at: squareONE:explorations

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