Light Box/LED Display

Lightbox artworks are produced as special orders. For large pieces buyers have input into the specifications which underlay options for the fabrication of the lightbox. The lightbox designs use aluminum and LED lights . Duratrans or cloth dye sublimation prints are used to face the lightbox.
Stephen Calhoun - Light WorkingLight Working
Stephen Calhoun - Universal YoniUniversal
36″ x 71″
Stephen Calhoun - ChoraleChorale (2021)
91 x 57″
Chorale light box installation example
The View Without - Stephen CalhounThe View Without
64 x 128″
scale view installation The View Without - Stephen Calhoun
 Soul Closets (2019) Stephen CalhounSoul Closets
6′ x 16′
Stephen Calhoun, Cleveland artistThe artist standing in front of a 8k LED digital display at CSR Staging, Bedford Heights, Ohio.  

Custom built permanent LED light box or LED/4k display 
Lead times will be specified