Studio Visits / Workshops

Studio Visits
The set-up studio is where I build assemblages to serve as subjects for photographs. It looks over the flower garden, itself a source of materials for photographic subjects. Open from May 1-October, there is no better place (in the world!) to observe, learn about and interact with the varieties of my photographic art practices.

It is also the site of spontaneous collaboration and learning-by-doing. When this happens collaborative art is always the result. For this immersive experience plan on two hours.

Otherwise, studio visits will take up 1-2 hours and are available by appointment. 216.269-5568

Experiential learning is deeply embedded in the background of my creative mission. Art-making in fact is an extension of a thirty-plus year practice in such learning. Reflective learning is a central thread of my prior work in the field of adult development, organizational development, and transformative learning.

So it is that I am able to offer custom designed two hour workshops for groups of ten-thirty people. These workshops were beta tested in 2022-2024. Their success now iterates a framework for designing interactive applications for open learners. Their benefits radiate the core concern: spontaneous human creativity.

In these workshops I provide a hands-on engagement with how photographic subjects are built. To do this, I bring in a variety of raw materials and boxes/containers. First I provide a very quick demonstration and, second, participants try their hand at assembly. Finished subjects are photographed or otherwise captured for re-display. Iterative procedures are demonstrated using an iPhone. An advanced iteration of the framework allows participants to download printable files of the photographs they helped create. There is also turn-based demo of the workshop available as part of a studio visit.

Two-hour workshop:
$250.00 (10-20 participants)
$350.00 (21-30 participants)

advanced workshop (involves bringing participant photographs into my digital workflow)
$100.00 per person; limit: 10 participants

Specific workshop designs may incur extra expenses and require simple digital infrastructure, (wireless network/smart LED display/airdrop laptop)

workshops available only in Cleveland region — more information: 216.269-5568 |