Curated by the artist, the following slideshows showcase the best examples from the seven bodies of visual works. This compendium is updated annually. The galleries are arranged from newest to oldest artworks. Following these galleries are galleries that recapitulate important exhibits of multiple artworks.

Notes On My Approaches.


Iterated Photographs 2020-ongoing

Angelic Red Page | 2022

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Iterated Photographs 2015-2019

Everyday Is Somebody's Birthday | 2019

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Radially Iterated Photographs

Dringriwa Chorus | 2019-2022

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Iterated Generative artworks

Portrait of Khidr | 2022

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Iterated Fractals

Alice Coltrane Note | 2022

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Iterated Stochastic Photo-generative Artworks

Goddess of Perspection | 2022

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Didactic Fours

Four Problem Solving Heuristics of Polya | 2022

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Exhibits (slideshows)

2016 Spring/Summer – The Grasp of Order (Gray’s, Cleveland, Ohio )
2018 Summer – Four Mindful Art Practices (BCC, Beachwood, Ohio)
[group show] Lainard Bush, Kathy Skerritt, Eva Volf, Stephen Calhoun
2020 Summer – Spotlight Gallery (Heights Arts, Cleveland Heights, Ohio)
2022 Summer – The Eye’s Mind (Mansfield Art Center, Mansfield, Ohio) [group show] 
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